large girth gear lubrication application guide

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adhesive lubricant should have both base oil with suitable viscosity, extreme pressure (ep) additive and solid additive with laminar dotted crystal structure (e.g. graphite) in suitable proportion, as well as suitable thickener and some other special additives, so as to meet the comprehensive requirements of fluid lubrication, boundary lubrication and emergency lubrication.

to ensure good load carrying capacity and smooth transmission, the correct machining and manufacturing of gears, the accurate alignment of the drive (end jump, diameter jump, tooth top clearance, tooth side clearance, etc.), the correct implementation of a series of work procedures for initial, break-in and operational lubrication systems, the selection of suitable high adhesion lubricants and reasonable lubrication methods are all indispensable factors.

good load transmission means that the stress is evenly distributed over the entire tooth surface, but it is difficult to achieve this ideal condition for girth gear drives even with the most sophisticated manufacturing techniques and the most stringent alignment procedures. uneven load distribution can lead to damage such as scuffing, wear, plastic deformation, pitting and even tooth breakage on tooth surfaces under severe operating conditions. users can effectively reduce these damages by selecting suitable adhesive lubricants and reasonable lubrication methods, thus extending equipment life.

plastic deformation
pitting / spalling
fatigue cracking
/ broken tooth
good lubrication

1-professional technical service

u.lube's technical department and laboratory are always ready to provide advice on initial priming lubrication of new gears, running lubrication for trial operation, operational lubrication for normal operation and repair of damaged gears, providing strict follow-up services to achieve a good and controlled lubrication condition for girth gears.

2-et g-og/o-og series lubrication system

to meet the above-mentioned operating characteristics of open gears, u.lube technicians have specially developed the corresponding professional lubricants to provide comprehensive lubrication protection. u.lube has developed a complete series of lubrication system for different application stages of open gears - initial stage - primer lubrication, trial running stage - running-in lubrication, operation stage - operation lubrication, and damaged tooth surface - special restorer, etc. the series are suitable for various lubrication forms such as automatic spraying system, splash lubrication, immersion bath lubrication, and mixed lubrication (splash immersion bath). (see table 1)

# girth gear lubrication system u.lube et g-og, o-og series product application guide (table 1)

product lubricant lubrication system
initial coated primer lubrication trial running-in operation repair manual or applicator manual spray gun automatic spraying immersion bath
et g-og a-1
et g-og b-lr
et g-og b-hr
et g-og c-16m
et g-og c-fluid
et g-og c-1000
et o-og c-f16
et o-og c-f8
et o-og c-f3
et o-og 1500
et g-og d-gr

# open gear lubrication service

3-automatic lubrication spraying system for girth gears