u.lube coal power industry lubrication solutions

we provide tailor-made lubricating materials and on-site services for domestic and global industrial equipment.

electricity, as the main energy source for social development, has an extremely important significance to people's material and cultural life. in recent years, the rapid development of china's power industry, installed capacity and power generation capacity has increased significantly. despite the national efforts to develop nuclear power, wind power, solar energy and other energy proportion, coal power generation still accounts for an extremely high proportion.

with the development of china's coal power industry, the country's energy industry requirements to save energy, improve efficiency under the advocacy of the level of power generation equipment has improved tremendously.

advanced coal power equipment, the requirements for lubrication is higher. coal power equipment lubrication conditions are also harsh and complex, the use of conventional lubrication technology and lubrication products, very easy to cause lubrication failure and equipment failure, resulting in increased equipment costs. in today's equipment repair and maintenance process, reasonable lubrication technology has been highlighted the importance, almost with production has considerable significance.

u.lube industrial special lubricant has been promoting reasonable lubrication technology in china, advocating the concept of reasonable lubrication, providing reasonable lubrication technology services, and can provide tailor-made reasonable lubrication solutions according to the characteristics of the enterprise's equipment.

1-u.lube operation team provides professional and reasonable lubrication technology service

quality, professionalism, service and integrity

2-lubrication of coal unloading system

3 - lubrication of coal grinding system

4 - lubrication of boiler combustion system

5 - lubrication of boiler auxiliaries

6 - lubrication of boiler soot blowing/slag removal system

7 - lubrication of circulating water system

8 - lubrication of common equipment lubrication in coal power plants

9-lubrication of hydroelectric power part of the equipment

10 - lubrication of nuclear power generation part of the equipment

11-automatic lubrication spraying system for girth gears

12-automatic grease filler

it provides a set of easy and efficient lubrication solutions for equipment managers to facilitate the establishment and execution of standardized lubrication maintenance by managers to improve the effectiveness of equipment lubrication management with lower maintenance costs.

vmaxx automatic greaser is more scientific, reliable, accurate and economical than the traditional manual greasing method, eliminating equipment failures caused by incorrect or insufficient lubrication and external contamination, extending equipment life, reducing labor costs and lowering maintenance costs.

13-lubrication of steel wire ropes