案例 | 某钢铁集团铁矿厂高压辊磨机润滑改良,轴承温度下降7-凯发真人首先娱乐

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案例 | 某钢铁集团铁矿厂高压辊磨机润滑改良,轴承温度下降7-8℃

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case | lubrication improvement solution for high-pressure roller mill of iron ore plant, bearing’s temperature decreased by 7-8 ℃



iron ore plant high-pressure roller mill situation


the iron ore plant is a state-owned medium-sized open-pit mine under a steel group which integrates mining and selection, with a production scale of over 2 million tons/year and an output value of 640 million rmb in 2021.


through the preliminary communication and on-site research, u.lube team learned that the 1.5-meter-high roller mill used for crushing ore in this iron ore plant is from cnbm (hefei) institute. it has 6 lubrication points: 2 points for dynamic roller bearing, 2 points for fixed roller bearing and 2 points for slide rail. the grease used is ordinary molybdenum disulfide grease, and current lubrication method is single-point electric pump, each point is equipped with an electric refill pump. at present, there are some problems:

1、设备管控工作量大 / high workload of equipment control.


each lubrication point is equipped with 1 grease refill pump, the equipment has a total of 6 lubrication points, the site is equipped with total 6 grease refill pumps. the number of lubrication equipment is large, which caused problems such as blockage and high maintenance workload.

2、岗位工人工作量大 / heavy workload for workers


the capacity of the oil refill pump for the site is small, and manual refueling is required for each production shift, with a filling volume of about 20 small barrels a day, all by manual dumping.

3、现场环境无法改善 / site environment can not be improved


the number of refill pumps is large, the distribution is not standardized, and the oil pipeline is disorganized. and because there is no dust isolation measures, the oil pipeline is blocked, and the oil leakage problems cannot be avoided.

4、油品使用费用高 / high cost of oil usage


from the site, we know that a high-pressure roller mill equipment, the cost of oil consumption in a month is about 150,000 rmb.

5、设备轴承寿命短 / short bearing life of equipment


from the site, we know that a high-pressure roller mill has 4 plates of bearings, and at least 2 plates must be replaced every year.





u.lube’s lubrication improvement solutions for high pressure roller mill 


from the site research, combined with more than 30 years of heavy industry service , u.lube team provided solutions on lubrication methods and lubrication products to solve some of the above problems.


combining the modern production rhythm and the working conditions of the mining plant, the u.lube team recommends to use the vmaxx protective roller press centralized lubrication system.


the system allows replacing the whole drum during daily oil change instead of manually repeated dumping. oil consumption is one drum per month, that means only replace once per month. equipped with a barrel cover lifting device, it can not only save time and labour when changing oil, but also keeps the oil clean, with a highly intelligent controller, can realize the lubricating oil demand adjustment for each lubrication point, accurate to the unit of gram. one cabinet main body, can complete multiple lubrication points of the oil supply needs. the main parts of the equipment, such as oil drum, lubricating pump and controller, are all concentrated in the protective box, which effectively prevents dust pollution, enhances the reliability of the equipment.

油品则建议使用优润辊压机专用润滑脂et rp 1500 ,具有优秀的抗挤压性能,且四球载荷至少400kg以上,能为高压辊磨机轴承提供良好的油膜,达到良好的润滑效果,从而延长设备轴承寿命,减少使用量,降低采购成本。

u.lube recommended the et rp 1500 for roller press, which has excellent anti-extrusion performance and a four-ball load of at least 400kg, and can provide a good oil film for high-pressure roller mill bearings to achieve a good lubrication effect, thus extending the bearing life of the equipment, reducing the usage and lowering the procurement cost.


comprehensive effect benefit of lubrication improvement solutions


previously, manual filing oil and dust pollution caused great impact on the oil quality, especially in summer, the bearing temperature was up to 33 ℃ at the work site, seriously affected the efficiency of equipment operations. now, we introduced the vmaxx protective roller press centralized lubrication system, it can automatic fill oil instead of manual filling, which has advantages such as no dust and other impurities, good lubricating oil quality, bearing temperature reduction, extended bearing service life, improve equipment operating efficiency, the work site temperature also decreased to 25 ℃.


using the special grease for roller press bearings of u.lube can reduce oil usage in high-pressure roller mills, thus directly helping the enterprise to save the oil purchase amount, which can save 2 million rmb per year.


in the past, the oil replenishment pump was often blocked, leading to problems such as oil pipe collapse, motor burned, and oil leakage. with the adoption of the protective roller press centralized lubrication system with excellent lubrication oil products for improvement, the annual equipment maintenance saves at least 200,000 rmb.