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u.lube team on-site service: lubrication improvement solution for bearing of bopp transverse stretching machine



a petrochemical company has 40 sets of bopp transverse stretching machines, among which a brand of medium and high-speed bearing grease is used on bearings. currently, 2 machines appeared oil separation problem (the oil tank below the bearing in the photo below).



after the on-site research, our u.lube team has checked the status of bearings and got the temperature value, vibration value and other data of the equipment and photos of the site through thermal imager, vibration meter and other tools.


after inspection, the bearing temperature of bopp transverse stretching machine can work within the specified temperature range; however, the bearing vibration value is relatively large, especially the vertical and horizontal vibration value is more than 5, which is dangerous and should be classified to shutdown maintenance.


moreover, there are certain problems on the bearing seat sealing, the oil and even a small amount of grease will be extruded from the sealing parts (as following photo).



according to the analysis of the phenomenon and testing data, u.lube team judged that the performance of a brand of medium and high speed bearing grease used in the workshop was poor, and the shearing force of the oil increased after the larger vibration of the equipment, which made it easier to separate the grease, and the sealing of the bearing seat is not good enough and easy resulting in more grease separation.


according to the suggestions of u.lube team, the following measures should be adopted for the current lubrication condition of the bearing of bopp transverse stretching machine:

1、 及时改善设备振动过大问题,减少振动就减少了对油品的剪切力,就减小了淅油的可能性;

improve the equipment vibration problems, reducing vibration can reduce the shear force , therefore it can result less oil separation.

2、 改善密封现状,及时更换密封件,在密封件上涂抹一圈密封脂,增强密封性能;

improve the sealing through replacing the sealing parts, and applying a ring of sealing grease to enhance the sealing performance.

3、 使用稠度更大密封性更好的轴承润滑脂,如优润(u.lube)润滑脂et fluor 72 ,适用于电机轴承,熔炉轮轴承,烘干设备轴承,定型机轴承,酸、碱性物质,汽油、燃油、溶剂等操作与泵送等应用于,适用于各种极限温度与苛刻工况下,需要长效润滑与密封的部位。

use bearing grease with greater consistency and better sealing performance, such as u.lube grease et fluor 72, which is suitable for motor bearings, furnace wheel bearings, drying equipment bearings, shaping machine bearings, equipment under acid, alkaline substances, gasoline, fuel oil, solvents on operations and pumping applications, and parts under a variety of extreme temperatures and harsh working conditions, with long-lasting lubrication and sealing.