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turbine oil turbo 32, 46

the u.lube turbo series meets the severe demands of modern heavy-duty gas turbines and offers a fundamental improvement over conventional turbine oils. its unique combination of excellent oxidation stability, sludge control and surface properties makes it the lubricant of choice for emerging combined cycle units as well as existing combustion and steam engines.

application introduction
combined cycle turbine generator sets, industrial steam turbines

steel wire rope cleaning and lubrication maintenance device

the use of high pressure will be quantitative injection of grease to the surface and core of the wire rope needing maintenance, can extend the service life of the wire rope. it is often applied to the use of large force, serious wear and tear, high cost, inconvenient replacement, etc., while saving a lot of costs and improving work efficiency.

application introduction
wire ropes for ports, steel mills, etc.

bottom cutting filter vm-js002

the general machining center sink has its effective volume, but due to the different conditions of processing objects, resulting in the sink deposits affect the effective volume, which leads to the wear and tear of the processing equipment, how to effectively remove the slag without stopping the processing, using the principle of primary filtration of this equipment will be able to achieve effective problem solving, and also improve the equipment cranking rate.

application introduction
clean the iron filings from the water tank

high-temperature anti-seize grease et antiseize paste 1

u.lube et antiseize paste 1 is an anti-seize grease with good resistance to high temperatures, up to 1100°c under isolated air conditions. the product also has good anti-corrosion ability and electrical conductivity, even under corrosive conditions, it can play an effective role in protecting nuts, bolts, threaded joints, etc. from corrosion, seizure, spalling, etc.

application introduction
recommended for nuts, bolts, and other threaded connections, also can be used for cylinder bolts, injection nozzle bolts, metallurgical, chemical threads and other threaded connections that require high temperature to prevent jamming resulting in difficult disassembly conditions. applicable working temperature range: -15~140℃

high performance synthetic oil et chl se4000

u.lube et chl se4000 is a light-colored fully synthetic industrial lubricant with good adhesion and high permeability, ensuring good wetting effect on the metal sliding surface and good affinity between the formed lubricant film and the metal surface. the product has stable thermal and chemical properties, low volatility, and can withstand long time high temperature. its good anti-wear performance and lubricity can well ensure the smooth production of equipment. the product has good cleanliness to keep the slides and chains clean, thus reducing lubrication costs, extending the cleaning cycle and reducing energy consumption.

application introduction
recommended for high viscosity drive chain oils for manual or pump lubrication, also for high temperature and low speed open gear lubrication in textile, wood and other industries. suitable for combination chains, rolling, guiding and sliding parts, etc., including all equipment with operating temperatures up to 230°c and requiring lubrication.

high extreme pressure adhesion gear oil et exgear hpa

u.lube et exgear hpa 220, 320, 460 is an extreme pressure gear oil with excellent adhesion, special adhesion ability, strong adhesion to metal surfaces, difficult to detach, thus providing long life lubrication protection. the product has a very fast oil-water separation capability, minimizing water damage to lubricated parts. it has a very friendly affinity with metal (copper, iron) materials, strong load-bearing capacity and good anti-wear performance, which greatly improves the reliability of equipment operation and extends the working life.

application introduction
suitable for gear and bearing lubrication protection in centralized or immersion bath lubrication systems, especially for vertical gearboxes, heavy-duty transmissions, and applications where water enters easily and needs to drain quickly.

open gear operating lubricant et g-og c-3m

u.lube et g-og c-3m is a new generation of lead-free, chlorine-free, asphalt-free and solvent-free environmentally friendly heavy-duty gear grease thickened by new compound soap-based thickener with high viscosity base oil and refined with high-performance extreme pressure resistance, anti-wear, anti-corrosion and anti-rust additives. it has good adhesion performance, extreme pressure anti-wear performance, impact load resistance, and has the necessary performance to adapt to the operating conditions and environmental needs, such as high temperature resistance, water erosion resistance, strong sealing, reducing the impact of dust, good spraying performance, and good pumping performance.

application introduction
recommended for open gear lubrication of large equipment in cement, mining, steel, electric power, chemical and paper industries, such as: rotary kilns, ball mills, tube mills, rod mills, dryers, pelletizers, drum pulverizers, etc.

high performance grease et lith rt 0,00

u.lube et lith rt 0,00 is a synthetic fluid grease thickened with a special thickener to provide good anti-wear protection and excellent anti-corrosion and anti-rust properties. it has good metal affinity, water resistance and excellent mechanical stability after shearing.

application introduction
it is recommended for lubrication of various closed gearboxes, worm gear mechanisms, planetary reducers and other gears, and can also be used for lubrication and protection of slideways, rails and chains. applicable working temperature range: -40℃~150℃.

high performance synthetic grease et plex 72s

u.lube et plex 72s is a high performance synthetic grease with good high temperature resistance and low temperature suitability. it has a wide operating temperature range (-40℃~180℃) and long lubrication life. the product is made of special compound lithium thickener and fully synthetic base oil, which has good temperature resistance and chemical stability performance. the product has high dropping point, good anti-wear performance, and has good anti-oxidation ability and rust prevention ability, to ensure that the product can maintain good working condition under high temperature, water and water vapor environment.

application introduction
recommended for high temperature working bearings, such as paper mill dryer high temperature bearings, steel, cement, wind power, thermal power, mining, chemical and other heavy-duty bearings working under high temperature and low temperature harsh working conditions.

high performance grease et plex br2

u.lube et plex br2 is a multi-functional high viscosity grease suitable for wide temperature working conditions, equipped with highly refined base oil and special additives, with good extreme pressure bearing capacity and wear reduction performance. it is suitable for medium and high speed bearings and has excellent resistance to water and high temperature. it can protect the effective operation of the working parts to the greatest extent, optimize the working condition of the equipment and effectively extend the service life of the equipment.

application introduction
recommended for long-lasting lubrication of bearings, gears, pins and other general parts of motors, pumps, couplings, universal joint equipment. operating temperature range: -20 to 150℃