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silicone lubricant silicone spray

u.lube silicone spray has excellent stability, extensibility and volatility, moderate surface tension, uniform lubricating film, high temperature resistance, non-corrosive to the mold, harmless to humans, does not contain freon, in line with environmental protection requirements, suitable for all thermoplastic, thermosetting plastic products and rubber products of mold release lubrication.

application introduction
suitable for all thermoplastic and thermosetting plastic products and rubber products, mainly used for plastic and rubber system demoulding, metal lubrication of machine parts, protection of metal, mold, plastic and leather products, computer embroidery industry, to prevent stickers, oil accumulation.

high performance grease uplex 71

u.lube uplex 71 is a new type of high efficiency multifunctional grease made of high quality polyurea and refined mineral oil as raw materials, with good high temperature resistance, oxidation stability performance, and excellent friction reduction, anti-wear and extreme pressure performance. it is suitable for -20~180℃ working temperature.

application introduction
recommended for lubrication of equipment with high temperature, acid, alkali, water, water vapor, etc. in petroleum, chemical, printing and dyeing, papermaking, etc., and lubrication of heavy load high temperature equipment such as even-heat furnace, steel making furnace, continuous casting machine, continuous rolling mill in iron and steel metallurgy industry, also including lubrication of mining, transportation and engineering machinery and equipment. it is suitable for medium and low speed bearings with dn value below 300,000.