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high adhesion chain oil magn wr100

u.lube magn wr100 is a high performance chain oil with good adhesion. the special additives and base oil formulation enable the product to form a very strong lubricating oil film on the contact surface, which provides good anti-rust and anti-wear effects. compared with traditional chain oil, the product is non-splash and non-drip, and has good drainage ability, providing good lubrication protection for chain operation.

application introduction
recommended for lubrication of chains, open gears, guide rails, bearings, arbors and other parts in various industries in general environment or with water contact and humid environment. operating temperature range: -10~150℃

mold release agent mra 232

u.lube mra 232 is a release agent designed for the molding and demolding of epoxy resins, polyesters, polyvinyl esters, paraformaldehyde and some other thermosetting resins. the product is formulated with a special polymer and environmentally friendly organic solvents and does not contain chlorine or silicone. strong mold release ability, long-lasting mold release effect, high mold release temperature, up to 260℃. it can effectively protect the mold surface clean and pollution-free.

application introduction
recommended for molding and demolding of epoxy resins, polyesters, polyvinyl esters, paraformaldehyde and some other thermosetting resin materials.

heavy duty gear oil mt exgear 150,220,320

u.lube mt exgear 150,220,320 series are l-ckd industrial heavy-duty gear oils with high performance, using high-quality refined base oils with a variety of high-efficiency imported additives anti-oxidation, anti-rust, extreme pressure anti-wear agents, with better anti-wear and thermal oxidation stability than ordinary industrial gear oils, suitable for heavy-duty gears operating at high temperatures. lubrication. the product can effectively reduce the wear of gears and other moving parts, extend the life of gears; reduce friction, reduce power loss; disperse heat, have a good cooling effect; prevent corrosion and rust; reduce working noise, reduce vibration and impact between gears; flush dirt, especially flush the dirt between the tooth surface, reduce wear.

application introduction
it is suitable for the lubrication of gears running under heavy load conditions, and can be used for the lubrication of reducers in mining, chemical industry, machinery, building materials and other industries. compared with iso6743/6-ckc standard industrial gear oil, the product has better extreme pressure bearing capacity.

high performance functional fluid mt fluid w28

u.lube mt fluid w28 is a high performance thermodynamic power transmission fluid with advanced raw materials and unique additive formulation, which is especially suitable for mechanical components that require mechanical action in response to thermal changes. the product has good corrosion resistance, is non-toxic, insulating, and has good thermodynamic power properties.

operating temperature
application introduction
designed for mechanical components that need to respond to thermodynamic action.

high performance lubricants mt sao 32, 32d

u.lube mt sao 32,32d is a high quality base oil specially selected to meet the needs of modern shock absorber applications and seal compatibility requirements. the product is carefully formulated with a variety of high-performance additives, with excellent anti-wear protection and anti-water, anti-rust and anti-corrosion and seal compatibility performance, to ensure that the shock absorber to maintain good damping performance and good damping effect.

application introduction
recommended for various mechanisms or components that require damping and lubrication, such as automotive and motorcycle shock absorbers, gas springs, etc.

plastic gear lubricant pg 31sl

u.lube pg 31sl is a high performance lithium grease with good plastic compatibility and excellent lubricating properties. it contains high performance special solid lubricant, which can greatly optimize the lubrication condition, reduce frictional wear and prolong the life of machine parts.

application introduction
recommended for moving parts with plastic contact, including gears and shafts for automotive parts, office equipment, electrical equipment, etc.

high performance gear lubricants pg 32sil

u.lube pg 32sil is a high performance plastic compatible grease with wide operating temperature, good waterproof, corrosion resistance and sealing ability, low odor, non-toxic, low volatility and long service life. the specially designed formula ensures excellent oxidation resistance and good lubrication performance, and has good ability to reduce wear and noise.

application introduction
recommended for lubrication and noise reduction of various switches, bearings, worm gears, rack and pinion structures, including metal-metal and metal-plastic contact parts under low load, slow to medium-high speed operation, movable refrigeration equipment, rolling bearings in refrigeration plants, as well as control cables, electric clocks, motors, wind gear wiper motors, vehicle starter motors, photographic and optical equipment, measuring instruments, etc. operating temperature range: -65~180℃

ashless gas engine oil pterosaur f40

u.lube pterosaur f40 is a high performance ashless grade gas engine oil for low, medium and high speed gas engines requiring low or no ash. it has excellent engine cleaning performance and is effective in preventing carbon and ash deposits in the engine system. it is formulated with high performance base oil and ashless additive package, which has excellent thermal stability and anti-wear and friction reduction performance, and can provide excellent anti-scratch protection and anti-corrosion protection to the engine, which can greatly extend the life of the oil and filter, and extend the engine maintenance cycle.

application introduction
recommended for naturally aspirated and turbocharged low, medium and high speed four-stroke gas engines requiring low or no ash motor oil.

refrigerant oil rfo s-100

u.lube rfo s-100 is a high quality synthetic refrigerant oil with advanced performance. it has excellent thermal and chemical stability, and can achieve good lubrication effect even under severe working conditions, such as high temperature. the product is wax-free and has excellent high and low temperature compatibility with chlorofluorocarbon (e.g. r22) refrigerants compared to mineral oils.

application introduction
recommended for use in r22 refrigeration and cooling, refrigeration, heat pump, central air conditioning system screw or reciprocating compressors.

high performance silicone grease sicon sgm

u.lube sicon sgm is a high performance inorganic thickened synthetic silicone grease designed for lubrication and sealing of workpieces with temperature variations, humid and vapor environments or chemical media.

application introduction
recommended for a variety of machinery is rolling, sliding, rotating moving parts of the seal and lubrication; such as: gear box drive shaft, fans and pumps bearing box shaft extension, a variety of valves, taps between metal and metal, metal and rubber, ceramic and polymer materials, moving parts of lubrication and sealing. can also be applied to electrical insulation and sealing. use the working temperature range of -40 ~ 200 ℃.