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high performance synthetic oil et chl se4000

u.lube et chl se4000 is a light-colored fully synthetic industrial lubricant with good adhesion and high permeability, ensuring good wetting effect on the metal sliding surface and good affinity between the formed lubricant film and the metal surface. the product has stable thermal and chemical properties, low volatility, and can withstand long time high temperature. its good anti-wear performance and lubricity can well ensure the smooth production of equipment. the product has good cleanliness to keep the slides and chains clean, thus reducing lubrication costs, extending the cleaning cycle and reducing energy consumption.

application introduction
recommended for high viscosity drive chain oils for manual or pump lubrication, also for high temperature and low speed open gear lubrication in textile, wood and other industries. suitable for combination chains, rolling, guiding and sliding parts, etc., including all equipment with operating temperatures up to 230°c and requiring lubrication.

high performance functional fluid mt fluid w28

u.lube mt fluid w28 is a high performance thermodynamic power transmission fluid with advanced raw materials and unique additive formulation, which is especially suitable for mechanical components that require mechanical action in response to thermal changes. the product has good corrosion resistance, is non-toxic, insulating, and has good thermodynamic power properties.

operating temperature
application introduction
designed for mechanical components that need to respond to thermodynamic action.

high performance lubricants mt sao 32, 32d

u.lube mt sao 32,32d is a high quality base oil specially selected to meet the needs of modern shock absorber applications and seal compatibility requirements. the product is carefully formulated with a variety of high-performance additives, with excellent anti-wear protection and anti-water, anti-rust and anti-corrosion and seal compatibility performance, to ensure that the shock absorber to maintain good damping performance and good damping effect.

application introduction
recommended for various mechanisms or components that require damping and lubrication, such as automotive and motorcycle shock absorbers, gas springs, etc.

ashless gas engine oil pterosaur f40

u.lube pterosaur f40 is a high performance ashless grade gas engine oil for low, medium and high speed gas engines requiring low or no ash. it has excellent engine cleaning performance and is effective in preventing carbon and ash deposits in the engine system. it is formulated with high performance base oil and ashless additive package, which has excellent thermal stability and anti-wear and friction reduction performance, and can provide excellent anti-scratch protection and anti-corrosion protection to the engine, which can greatly extend the life of the oil and filter, and extend the engine maintenance cycle.

application introduction
recommended for naturally aspirated and turbocharged low, medium and high speed four-stroke gas engines requiring low or no ash motor oil.

refrigerant oil rfo s-100

u.lube rfo s-100 is a high quality synthetic refrigerant oil with advanced performance. it has excellent thermal and chemical stability, and can achieve good lubrication effect even under severe working conditions, such as high temperature. the product is wax-free and has excellent high and low temperature compatibility with chlorofluorocarbon (e.g. r22) refrigerants compared to mineral oils.

application introduction
recommended for use in r22 refrigeration and cooling, refrigeration, heat pump, central air conditioning system screw or reciprocating compressors.